A state of the art, extensible SIP Application Server
Zero-configuration multi-party conferencing
SylkServer allows creation and delivery of rich multimedia applications accessed by SIP User Agents and XMPP endpoints. The server supports SIP and XMPP signaling, RTP and MSRP media planes, has built in capabilities for creating ad-hoc multimedia conferences with wideband Audio, IM and File Transfer and can be easily extended with other applications by using Python language.

SylkServer is available for Ubuntu, Debian and for MacOSX in Apple Mac Store

SIP Signaling Voice over IP IM & Presence Conferencing SIP/XMPP Gateway

  • TLS, TCP and UDP
  • DNS and Bonjour

  • Wideband (Opus, G722)
  • Narrowband (G711)
  • Encryption (SDES and ZRTP)
  • NAT Traversal (ICE)

  • Chat Sessions (MSRP)
  • Encryption (TLS)
  • Is-Composing Indication
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Participants list
  • VoIP and IM
  • File Transfers
  • Screen-sharing
  • Presence
  • Chat sessions
  • Multi-user Chat (MUC)
  • Jingle Audio
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